Housing and Employment

Xamire Felony Friendly website (for entire U.S.)

This agency offers assistance to felons who are looking for employment and housing.


Beyond the Conviction

Kansas City, MO

Specifically for persons with a criminal record who are interested in seeking employment. This agency also offers assistance with GEDs, transportation, housing, and legal referrals.



Exoffender employment website



2nd Chances 4 Felons (2C4F)
This agency specializes in assisting felons with overcoming daily obstacles they face due to their convictions. Offers free assistance to felons in all 50 states.


FACEBOOK http://www.facebook.com/pages/2nd-Chances-4-Felons/129309870447922?ref=ts

WEBSITE www.2ndchances4felons.com




Halfway Houses

AGAPE HOUSE (Men only)
712 Indiana, Kansas City, MO. 64127

1016 Askew Ave, Kansas City, MO 64127

1207 S. Main, Independence, MO 64050
Tue. & Thurs. Open 8pm

3000 Campbell, Kansas City, MO 64108

3728 Gilham Road, Kansas City, MO 64111

2751 Charlotte, Kansas City, MO 64108

9540 E. Winner Rd Independence, MO 64053

3830 E. 9th St Kansas City, MO 64124

918 East 9th Street Kansas City, MO 64106

3717 Tracy Kansas City, MO 64109

1414 East 27th, Kansas City, MO 64108

3005 Benton, Kansas City, MO 64128

Oxford Houses
Karnes 816-931-6731
Charlotte 816-221-4437
Norwood 816-252-5703


Incarcerated Women’s Resources Children’s Connection
7620 E. 79th Street
Kansas City, MO 64138
E-mail: childrensconn@yahoo.com
Contact: Sarah Acsenvil, Program Director
Area Served: Jackson County
Parent Organization: St. James United Methodist Church
Established: 1999


Children of Incarcerated Parents

The purpose of Children Of Incarcerated Parents is to help the children and young adults deal with their anxiety, anger, shame, and grief due to separation from their parents, to break the cycle of regeneration, and to help with reunification support.

816-517-9504  coip9141@gmail.com





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  1. Im a 30 year old single mother of two. My daughter is 12, but currently resides with her father. My son is six and lives with me. Im on the verge of being homeless. My mother’s state babysitting. Im not allowed to be at her address anymore. Im a convicted felon thats needing a fresh start with everything. Job seeking housing etc. Trying to get it back together after a separation.. my name is monica Stanley and I can be reached at cell 8168077753 hm8164071146

  2. Good evening;

    My son will be leaving the Western Reception, Diagnostic and Correctional Center at the end of February after completing his 120 ITC. His home plan was rejected because I live in Cass county, and he must reside in either Clay, Platte, or Ray counties. He has no employment, no housing, and no transportation except public.

    He’s a white collar worker that stumbled into a three year hole that he kept digging deeper, and he’s fortunate that someone saw that he would benefit from the 120 ITC/SIS instead of other incarceration options.

    So he won’t be a felon on record (provided he follow the rules).

    Why does it appear the state is setting him up to fail? A.) The very areas he should stay away from are the areas they want him to live. He’ll most likely run into the same people that he used with; B.) they won’t allow him to live in Cass where he has shelter/access to transportation, and help.
    We have about 40 days to figure this out (I’m grateful for that, some of the guys in his situation were only given 5 or so days to “figure it out”.)

    The Honor Center was suggested by the institution, however one of the inmates returned to WRDCC after 5 days have dropped dirty. It doesn’t sound like the Honor Center is run in the interest of rehabilitation.
    I don’t even know where to begin. I can’t get him transportation AND a place to live both. I don’t even know where to start to try to help him. Does anyone have any advice/ideas, anything I can work with here?

  3. I am looking for an apartment for my son and I. I have a criminal record and felony charges on me as we speak. I have a full time job , but I dont make very much. I need a place my son and I can call home…

  4. I am trying to find help for my fiance. His name is Armando Reese. He is a felon and hr is trying to be a better man. He wants a job but most don’t hire felons. We need your help.

  5. My husband gets out of prison April 14th. We will not have a place to stay together. Will any of these companies work with me on getting a place for us before he gets out or will they only help when he gets out? He is a convicted felon and will be off parole. Both of us have a history of substance abuse. I am working at Worlds of Fun but am only working weekends right now and cannot afford to get us a place on my own before he gets out.

  6. I am a felon for theft I also have a misdemeanor for molestion 2 in Missouri I am trying to start a convenience store every where I look I can’t sell the stuff most convenient stores sell I know I cant sell beer 🍺 or lotto ticket’s can any give any advice

  7. my husband is a felon. we are homeless and cannoy find anyone that will rent to us because of him being a felon. his po is wanting to put him in a halfway house stating he does not have adequate housing. if you know of any apts or landlords that will rent to us asap it will be much grateful and a blessing. thank you and god bless.raytown so kc or indep mo areas. anywhere is ok.

  8. My name is Feliz Childress and our in a halfway house in Oklahoma City and doing a relocation to Kansas city MO and would some assistance with the same. the
    ome of your service please contact my wife at 816 582 2587 OR myself at 405 249 2521 thank you

  9. Hello, my name is joseph hale, and i have currently been released from clay county detention, after a probation violation.
    My probation is due to a felony charge of tampering with a motor vehicle. I was placed on probation. for 5 years, with a back up of 10 years . I was referred to your organization, for possible help with my future.and i would be able to stop by your office in the morning sometime after 10-1030 . It would be greatly appriciated if you could contact me in the morning, to grant permission to show up, please.
    Thank you so much for your time.
    Joseph hale. 816-288-8649.

  10. It been 4yrs since I got out and still nothing no job no house lost my kids going through a divorce no insurance explored all and every resource their is about have another baby. I even changed location and my felonies still block and hinder my progress in every aspect of my life I really need help

  11. I’m a felon I’m homeless I have employment and a car I need a 2 bedroom apt asap for me and my daughter

  12. Hi I’m 24 and I am a young lady looking for housing as a felon. I have a job and I can pay rent but I can’t find a place willing to accept me. Could u all please help.

  13. My name is Amy Snow my significant other of 11 years Marcus Myer is a convicted felon has recently been released we’ve tried very hard to find a home we’re looking at facing homelessness by the end of August I saw your website and thought you could help email me asnow795@gmail.com

  14. Hello my name is brandon mcneely i am a felon with 4 children and in need of employment and housing i am homeless and i need to rebuild relationship with love ones and children so i can become the father they need me to be

  15. I am a felon and am looking for independent housing. I have a full time job and have established some responsibility and stability since leaving prison in April 2016. My girlfriend is pregnant and i am trying to get into a placemof my own but am having difficulty. Any helpful services would be greatly appreciated. I am currently staying in hotels and would like a place near the downtown Kansas city Missouri area ASAP. Near or within 15 miles. I work in downtown kcmo and often times use the metro for transportation. Please andnthank you for your assistance.

  16. My nme is brandon and i have a felony conviction and having trouble with housing and job looking for information. To help get back on my feet i can be reached at 913293 3352

  17. I am a registered offender in heartland behavioural health. I have 1600 dollars in savings. Need help finding a place. My number is 816 294 1743.

  18. Homeless me and my husband are felons his is 15 years old mine is 7 yeara old in a shelter but time there is going fast and we need help getting a place to call home we have a 2 year old daughter with us and a 12 year old daughyer with us can anyone help with anything even information is accepted prayers as well

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