Crossroads Shelter


Shelter is available for persons who are homeless but these persons cannot be under the influence of substances or have been convicted of a felony.




This site offers overnight family emergency shelter for men, women, and families, as well as a transitional living program.  Kitchen serves three meals per day and the site provides a clothing closet.

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  1. Kansas City Rescue Mission
    816 421 7643

    City Union Mission
    816 474 4599

    Both of these services have long-term recovery programs and Emergency Shelters. City Union Mission has an emergency family shelter and a long-term recovery program for families. Kansas City Rescue Mission has an emergency shelter for women.

  2. Hi Help for KC !!! Thank Goodness there are good people and organizations such as this 1 !!! My name is Peggy Lamb and my ph# 573-590-1482 !!! I would like to have you call me, so I can talk with you all verbally, so I can find out as many things that I can get abt getting help !!! I am homeless, car less and I am still and always will be in the Aftermath of my Twin Sister’s Suicide and it is getting better, but I am very troubled and I will be for the rest of my life !!! I just absolutely need help with food, housing, etc !!! Thank You !!! Peg Lamb !!!

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